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Discount plans, or reduced-fee-for-service plans are not insurance but instead offer access to dental services at a discounted rate from our three participant offices. There is generally no pre-authorizations, annual limits, deductibles, or maximun. You must fill out our registration / authorization form to become one of our members and receive the Gold Standard Plan discount. 
We have created a Fee Schedule to maintain all the fees at the same low rates. 

What are some of the benefits from Gold Standard Plan?
  • Annual payments to fit your budget

  • No deductible or calendar year maximum

  • Free Treatment Planning

  • No Waiting Periods

  • Set Co-pays for all procedures

  • Cosmetic Dentistry Included

  • ​Additional Perio Plan Available

  • Two Free Cleaning (Yearly)

  • Unlimited X-rays

What does the Gold Standard Covers?

We have great coverage for this plan! We try to help all our patients to achieve the smile they desire at low costs!

See Coverage: 

If I have more than one person, would I get a discount?

Definitely,We have good news for you! If you want to enroll more than one person, you will be saving some money!


First Family Member


Second Family Member


Each Additional Member


Additional Optional Perio Plan



    Gold Standard Plan

    Dental Specialists Group Saving Plan

     Dental Specialists Saving Plan


    We have several ways to help patients achieve the smile they desire! We know sometime procedures may be expensive; fortunately, we have achieved a new standard of help! We took our system to the next level to help our patients with financial aid. We developed a new In-house insurance that will allow patients to pay only a yearly payment and receive all the beneficial discounts of a regular insurance! 

    Forget about monthly payments to an insurance that does not help at all! Call us and find out more information about our Insurance.

    Our expert Treatment Coordinators will be glad to assist you with any questions you may have!