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Have you been told you need a Root Canal Re-treatment?

Sometimes, endodontic procedures tend to fail. Root canals are not guarantee due to the complication of the procedure. When this happens, your dentist may recommend to see an Endodontist (Specialist in Endodontic treatments).

Lucky for you, We have a Specialists in-house who will come to one of our locations to see you!

Also, our very own Dr. Krikorian Charles (General Dentist) has performed many re-treatments. Dr. Krikorian has taken C.E. Courses that allows him to have great knowledge on how this treatments are performed.

Have you been told you need a Root Canal Re-treatment? Wait no more! Call us now! Let us help you by getting you to the right person.

Root Canal Re-treatment

​New Patient Specials are not valid towards Specialist Consult.

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