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Biopsy Dental Treatment

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What is a Biopsy Dental Treatment?​

​A biopsy is a simple surgery procedure to extract a sample of bone or soft tissue. It is done when our peridontist wants to have the sample examined in a our laboratories. The main purpose of this dental procedure is to find out the nature of an abnormality, called a lesion. This lesion could be caused by injury or just illness. The lesion may be an area of soft tissue or bone that appears unusual or diseased. It could be a bump, or a patch of skin that has changed texture or sometimes also color.

There are two types of biopsy: incisional and excisional. An incisional biopsy removes a piece of tissue from a lesion. It is a sampling. An excisional biopsy removes the entire lesion. In both cases, the tissue is sent to a laboratory.

The type of biopsy performed depends on many factors. For example, if the lesion is small and your dentist - periodontist suspects that it is not cancerous (benign), then an excisional biopsy may be done. However, if the lesion is large or there is concern that it may be cancerous (malignant), an incisional biopsy is more likely to be perform.

Picture reflects a bump that could be solved by Biopsy Dental Treatment by our Periodontist.

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